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Bradford University Judo Club

Higher Education (University) Student Offer from
Bradford University Judo Club

The British Judo Association has teamed up with Bradford University Judo Club to offer all higher education university student an incredible deal (This offer will finish at end of November 2015):
  • 1 Years BJA membership included, which gives you:
    • Full 3rd party insurance
    • Ability to enter university, Yorkshire & Humberside, national competitions.
    • Two copies of Matside, the BJA journal.
  • A free Judo suit (called a Gi, worth at least £24)
  • Your first Judo grading fee  (worth £10)
All of this for just...
The only condition is you show commitment to the
Bradford University Judo club
for at least 3 consecutive weeks
before an application can be made.

That's over £75.00 of normal costs for just £20.00 total.
All whilst you are learning Judo, getting fit and having fun!!

BTW: If  you are a member of the university sports union then all lessons are free for the whole year!
Now that's an incredible  deal!!

Flyers and handouts

Can you help promote the Bradford University Judo Club, if so, then why not download and printout the flyers that we have produced and put them up on notice boards, in halls of residents, or any other location that you think will be ideal to promoting our Judo club, for example the coaches have put them up in their local gyms, and some members have put them up in local schools.

University Students Offer   Meet the Coaches
Bradford University Judo Club Flyer for University   Bradford University Judo Club Flyer about meeting the coach
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Olympic Inspiration   Take Up Judo
Bradford University Judo Club Flyer inspired by the Olympics   Bradford University Judo Club Flyer encouraging Judo take up
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