Links to other National and International organisations
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At Bradford University Judo Club we thought it would be a great idea to provide links to some useful external reference sites, relating to associations, information, live television feeds, video highlights of  events, and judo related goodies.

Associations Resources
The British Judo Association
The BJA is the national Olympic association for Great Britain, providing details to clubs, competitions and other events, along with membership details and other great resources about judo.
Yorkshire and Humberside Judo
Our regional association (a part of the BJA) for the Area we are in.  The provide local competitions, gradings and training opportunities, along with details of other clubs.
North West Area Judo
Another local region that is very close to Bradford with details of all their local clubs and details of events including gradings. International Judo Federation
The world governing body that all continental and national association belong too. The IJF set the international rules that all Judoka compete by.
European Judo Union
The EJU represents Europe within the IJF, our national governing body the BJA belong to this association.
Judo Inside
Judo Inside offers the most extended coverage of profiles, results and stats for everything Judo. Passion for judo is their drive and they want to share it with you.
Ippon TV
One of many sites to view competitions as they happen live from around the world via the internet.  There are often multiple channels, one for each mat. Judo Info
A nice little site with lots of details about Judo, the history of Judo and videos demonstrating techniques for standing, groundwork, locks, and combinations. YouTube
A lot of events  have highlights available on the YouTube judo channel. A great way of seeing the best of international Judo from around the world. Kodokan Judo Institute
The original home of Judo in Tokyo, Japan. Fighting Films
They sell everything Judo related, Gi's, Belts, Mats, Books. There are also a world leading producer of Judo DVD's.
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