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Bradford University Judo Club Has local links to multiple fitness clubs and other Judo clubs which we are pleased to promote and recommend to our members, these include:-
Judo Clubs    
Pudsey Judo Club Pudsey Judo Club is where you will find no less than six black belts on the mat on a Tuesday evening (unless they are visiting Bradford University Judo Club for a session). their head coach is a 6th Dan, and is just a pleasure to watch and be taught by, but not so nice to be in competition against. BUC get across to Pudsey Judo Club at least twice a semester. Pudsey Judo Club
Judo Excellence One of the best organisations in West Yorkshire that runs clubs in multiple schools and local community centres as well as having its own Dojo in Hebden Bridge. Judo Excellence is run by Tony Divine, one of the youngest 5th Dans in the country, and for a reason, just research his international Judo history.
Club Excellence
Huddersfield Judo Club Huddersfield is run by the Yorkshire area national coach Seth Birch (7th Dan), and if your want a work out or to train against the best in the area, this is the club to visit. BUJC get across once a semester if we can. Huddersfield Judo Club
Fitness Centres    
Workouts Gym Workout Gym is where the senior couch trains on a daily basis for his cardio-vesicular workout, this might be just using the cross-trainer or taking part in one of the many free workout sessions. BTW: Eddie (one of Workouts PT's) is a Blue belt in BJJ and can give most Judo guys a challenge at ne-waza (groundwork). Workouts Gym
Unique Gym Unique Gym is an integral part of the University and recommended to all students. Being a member is a must for every University student because of the health and welfare benefits it brings, plus you get free entry into the Judo Club!! Unique Gym
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