Bradford University Judo Club

Bradford University Judo Club

Training sessions are held at:
Activity Room
Unique Fitness and Lifestyle
University of Bradford
Great Horton Road
Bradford, BD7 1DP

Using a SatNav, then postcode is: BD7 1PP

Training Times
Monday: 8:30pm to 10:00pm
Thursday : 8:30pm to 10:00pm

Judo at Bradford University Judo Club

Why do Judo at Bradford University Judo Club?

Because we are a friendly bunch of Judoka (people who do Judo), that not only train together, but also socialize together and in many cases study together.

Does this mean you have to be a student to be part of Bradford University Judo Club? Of course not, the senior coach who is BJA (British Judo Association) & UKCC level 2 qualified is as we say in Judo a 'Master', i.e. plus 40 years and some (Just don't ask how much some), and he was also a member of BJA Masters Judo squads (and that's some achievement).

Being a university sports society club we are run by students who do Judo or have a passion for Judo.  This enthusiasm penetrate throughout the committee down to all the other members of the club, whether they are university students or not!

So why do Judo?

Judo serves as a great cardiovascular workout, which improves stamina, general health and overall fitness. Physical strength is also improved as a direct result of trying to control and dictate the movement of the opponent, as well as enhanced power.

For the same reasons the balance, flexibility and posture of a player will also be enhanced. Physical co-ordination can be seen to develop dramatically from participation in judo and reflexes are also improved together with mental reaction time. Therefore Judo is an ideal form of physical exercise for all ages, males and females.

Judo is one of the world’s most widely practiced Olympic and Paralympics sports and showcases breath-taking throwing techniques (tachi-waza), sublime ground fighting techniques (ne-waza) that includes strangles (shime-waza), joint locks (kansetsu-waza) & hold downs (osae-komi-waza).

Judo Throws Judo Holddowns Judo Strangles Judo Armlocks
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